Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what a fun to kill someone and end up in the jail.

Anonymous said:
hey why do people hate Mal? is it they just ship Darkling/Alina or is something i missed that he's a problematic character, cause I wanna know if it's the second one

no its not for ships, he is just a piece of crap, in the first book he is introduced as alina’s best friend, a ladykiller, everyone loves him and ofc alina is in love with him but she has no chance, right? yeah but in the second he discovers she is a powerful grisha he suddenly realizes he’s in love with her and wow he dropped the army so she should be with her [coughs] male entitlement

in the second book it gets even worse, he doesnt let alina speak for herself its so annoying, and everyone keeps stroking his ego and when alina doesnt kiss him he gets pissed bc he did so much to her and it isnt fair she is putting the country before him oh no and then he hooks up with zoya and MAKES ALINA FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!!!1!! like this is all your fault you should have given me attention!! [vomits]

and in the last book she had to lose her abilities and the character development to be with him, to become his equal bc ofc women cant be more powerful than her boyfriends ugh i try to forget this book even existed i need vodka 

Anonymous said:
Why is the end of Ruin and Rising even a thing? I've never cried in frustration and anger at a book ending until now. Dangit if I didn't literally slam the book shut and punch the cover. (And why is Mal even... guh, I was so happy when I thought he was gone.)


i wrote my own endingimage


Closer detail of one of our favourite shirt dresses of the #SS15 collections from @CHANEL . #PFW


Closer detail of one of our favourite shirt dresses of the #SS15 collections from @CHANEL . #PFW

I'm Good, I'm Gone
Lykke Li

you’ll be calling but I won’t be at the phone

step one, discredit the witnesses. step two, introduce a new suspect.
                                 step three,  w e   b u r y   t h e   e v i d e n c e .


one does not simply ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ into Mordor